Scotty Rogers Photography | About
Scotty Rogers: Professional Slackliner, BASE jumper, and Photographer

I live in Moab, UT but frequently travel the world, taking photos along the way. What started out as a modest attempt at taking pictures of my friends five years ago has grown into what you see now. With my talented team of Moab Monkeys diving headfirst into the most adventurous and extreme of sports, I am happy to be the sole source of premium photos of these exploits.

In 2013 I helped rig and walk the longest highline in Brazil with Andy Lewis and Brian Mosbaugh.

In 2013 I rigged a rope swing with Brian Mosbaugh featured in Devin Graham's Viral Video: World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever.

In 2012 I rigged and documented the longest tower-to-tower highline in the world, spending more than 20 days on top of 800 ft desert towers (jumping off with a parachute to get down).

In 2012 I rigged, walked and documented the highest elevation slackline in the N. American content on the SE Summit of Long's Peak in Colorado.

In 2012 I assisted on a film "Slacklining Hits the Superbowl", which was nominated for two Sports Emmy's in 2013: Best Camerawork and Best Short.

What you see here is not only a perspective that I've captured from behind the lens, but an artistic and emotional portrayal of the life that we try to live: "Slacklife". The meaning of "Slacklife" is mercurial, malleable, changing through time and from person to person. "Slacklife" is whatever you want it to be. To me, "Slacklife" means honoring yourself and following your own intuition to live a life through unadulterated freedom and love; living life with passion and never holding yourself back with limitations imposed by society, or yourself. I hope you can enjoy these images through a lens of love and passion, and if you feel so inclined, buying a print or downloading an image helps to support me and my family, allowing us to continue with the life of freedom and adventure that is so important to us.

Also, feel free to Contact Me if you have any requests, unique projects, fun ideas, or just need somebody to talk to :-)