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Media Inquiries: Hire Scotty for your Photo and Video Needs!

Photo by Jan Kaedingscotty photo

I specialize in getting photos from cool and unique angles. (Photo of Scotty by Jan Kaeding)



With 15 years of rock climbing, 10 years of slacklining and 5 years of parachute sports experience, I have amassed one of the largest collections of outdoor extreme sports photography in the country, and am one of the most sought-after photographers in the field of slacklining.

I am have worked on several video projects, including a rope swing video with prominent youtuber Devin Supertramp and the outdoor adventurer Sketchy Andy Lewis.

Producing beautiful images is one of my greatest passions, so feel free to contact me about any projects you might have. I specialize in taking unique photo and video from hard to reach places such as hanging 700 feet up the side of a tower or in freefall at 120 miles per hour. 


Mario Richard and Andy Lewis, as seen through the Scotty's lens, 800 feet up in the Fisher Towers.

In addition to the photos you see on this site, I have a personal library of more than 50,000 images available for commercial licensing or personal use. If I don't have what you're looking for, I can travel around the world to work with you in creating the image you need. My rates vary depending on the job, but are both competitive and negotiable. Contact Me to begin your own journey towards creating the most amazing photos you've ever seen.